Message From Artlife India MD Mr. Raj Kamal /

2020 has been a difficult year not only for us but for the whole world. People question us, how did Artlife stand so firmly in this difficult time, was there any kind of magic or strategy? When the whole team stands together and the whole team has only one goal, then the magic starts happening automatically.
1. Before Covid-19 we used to do a lot of Seminars, Training & Meetings, but due to Covid-19 & country Lockdown, it was difficult to manage the business, but our ArtLife leader has taken a very big initiative & started online training every week. In this way 300-600 people took online training every month.
2. Our distributor and Consumer client were facing difficulties to come office and get the products. So, company launched New Website for buying products online and hence people started giving products order by using online system and the desired products started reaching home by courier.
3. Every year people wait for the launch of new products of the company, people thought what would happen this year? In these difficult times company never let any products fall shortage and launched 07 new products cosmetic Line
We, everybody has set a very big goal for ourselves, and if we are together, we will achieve everything

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