Terms of Service

Welcome to Artlife corporate media site!
Please read Terms of Service of media.artlife.ru web site carefully.

1. Site purpose

1.1. This site is intended:
- for sharing business running experience
- to provide partners of Artlife company with actual information materials
- to help in holding Network events

1.2. Media bank site is not intdended:
- for placement of any advertisments including ones that are promoting another organizations
- for discussing off-topics in comments
- for placement of any information that is not related to running business with Artlife company

2. Registration on the site

- Registration on the site is required for adding materials, writing comments and entering user's account. It is not required for viewing or downloading materials.
- Registration on media.artlife.ru site is available only for persons that have agreement with Artlife company and are being its Partners.
- One have to specify only reliable data. It is needed to obtain company newsletter in proper time and to operatively resolve any emerging issues.
- Company partners that have access to Virtual Office may enter the site by using unified password. Otherwise, user can choose his or her own password to access the site.

3. Profile settings

3.1. Web site profile
All user profile data is displayed in “Users” section. Once logged in, you may access your profile and change your profile data by clicking a link with email address you’ve used at registration at right top corner of the page.

3.2. Adding photo to your profile
If you want to add a photo to your profile, it has to fit follwing requirements:
- a photo must be a good quality, without noticeable defects
- your face has to be shown well on the photo
- the photo file should not exceed 2 megabytes in size
- you can upload only jpg or png files.

It is prohibited to use others photos or intimate photos, drawings or avatars having no relation with your personality.

4. Site activities

You can express your gratitude to uploaded information author by using material comments.
Obscene comments or comments containing production quailty claims, advertising content will be implicitly deleted by site administrator.

4.2. Material download
At media.artlife.ru you can download any material of your interest. Download link is avaliable at every material page below material content block.

4.3. Material upload
Any user of Media bank is able to upload his or her material to the site.
Uploadable content includes: conducted events photo reports, seminar video files, Network partner’ trainings, business-with-Artlife related events’ photos, articles and any other company-related files that you want to share with other Partners.
You can access material upload page from any other page containing red button labeled as “Add material +”.
When you’re going to add material, you have three options, you can:
- upload a media file or a document (including avi, mp3, mp4, pdf, pptx, jpg, png, tif, ai, cdr, rar, doc, xlsx files);
- write your own article;
- create a photo gallery (jpg and png files are allowed).

After being uploaded, your material is reviewed by site Administrator. In a case of successful check it is published in “Sharing experience” section.
Before your material is uploaded, you should select a subsection suitable to its content, incuding: “Business”, “Events”, “Products”, “Useful info”.
If your material doesn’t fit mentioned subsections, please make an appropriate comment in the description of material. Adminstrator will publish your material in corresponding site section.

5. User profile removal

- In a case of cancellation of the User Agreeement partner’s account is closed.
- A partner may request removing his or her account by sending email containg appropriate application to pr@artlife.ru with justified reason of denial of further use of Media bank.
- Artlife company reserves the right to delete user account in a case of violation of these Terms and if the user constantly uploads inappropriate content and compromises other users.

6. Feedback

Please use our “Feedback” service on any emerged questions, comments or wishes.