User agreeement

The user agreement represents a set of rules which user must have reviewed and must have agreed with if he or she wants to use materials of web site. is a media library (media bank) based on modern web technologies, and a storage of marketing and information materials, including layouts, documents, video and audio clips, Artlife company presentations intended for use by company’s partners.

The purpose of the project is to distrubute information materials among Artlife company’s partners. If you’re willing to use the web site’s materials or to place your own content in the web site, please read these rules.

By proceeding a registration procedure on web site you confirm that you have reviewed the rules and agree with them completely.

1. All content that is submitted on the web site is being intellectual property and having its copyright holders. Using it without agreement of copyright holder is a violation of article 146 of Russian Federation’s Criminal Code and could result in a penalty of a fine, correction labour or imprisonment.
2. By registering on the web site and by confirming the registration user takes responsiblity for every case of access to web site resources using his or her login and password.
3. Login and password are secret information which user commits not to disclose.
4. User should not log in to the web site and use site content in a case of rejection of one or a few conditions of this agreement.
5. User commits not to violate rules of the web site and not to take actions concerning the web site, its owners, content and content’s copyright holders, which are not inconsistent with Russian Federation’s Criminal Code.
6. Both person or entity can be a user of the web site.
7. User commits not to profit from the web site and its content.
8. User has no right to interfere in the web site security set-up and to use the web site in any illegal way.
9. User commits to use the web site exclusively within the accepted laws.
10. All the offers and claims related to web site can be sent by using the site’s feedback form.
11. web site owners and any other copyright holders are not liable for any consequental or indirect damages resulting from use of the web site or its content.
12. web site owners have the right to change this agreement at their own discretion at any given moment without informing user of this in advance.

By this agreement, i give LLC Artlife (Russian Federation, 634049, Tomsk, Nakhimov street, 8/2, hereinafter refered as the Company) a consent to process my personal data and confirm that by giving an agreeement i’m acting of my own will and within my interests. The agreeement extends to following information: my last name, my first name, my middle name, my date of birth (year, month, month day and week day), my occupation, my country, region and city, my contact information (phone, email address) and any information related to my identity. Personal data processing agreement is given by me for reception of services provided by the Company.

I express my agreement for implementing following actions involving my personal data: gathering, ordering, acquiring, storing, clarification (updating or changing), using, distributing (including transmission), depersonalization, blocking, destroying and any other actions in accordance to the current legislation.

Personal data processing can be conducted both by using automation and in non-automated way. The Company is not restricted in ways to process personal data.

By this agreement, i admit and confirm that the Company has the right to provide the third parties with my personal data to accomplish the above-mentioned aims incuding involving the third parties for providing services for mentioned purposes. Such third parties have the right to process personal data under this agreement.

This agreeement is given indefinetely but could be withdrawn by issuing a written notice to the Company not less than one month before the moment of the agreement withdrawal.